*Vitamin D-(liquid form)-This important vitamin is crucial in the Winter. I also use my Happy Light while Im on the treadmill or even reading for about 20 minutes a day. This encourages natural Vitamin D makingJ and definitely improves my mood.

*Zinc– Liquid zinc is important for immunity and for Zapping viruses in the body and throat. I like to put my zinc(2 full droppers) mixed with filtered water into a small spray bottle. So 2 droppers of zinc, some peppermint essential oil(10 drops), the rest water. Keep these bottles around the house, in the car, by the bed.  Spray 2 squirts several times a day and whenever you have a throat tickle.

*Quercitin-takes zinc to cells(think natural Hydroxychloroquine), great for immunity.

*Melatonin– helps with sleep and immunity- 3 to 5 mg before bed. Start low and take 5 if needed.

*Ester C.  – Easily assimilated by the body. Great for Immunity- 2000-3000mg

If you would like to add my favorite anti-viral herb, then take Cats Claw(liquid) or Cats Claw(capsule).  I like to take this before bed, as it goes to the liver to clear out viruses and bacteria. 2 droppers of liquid or 2 capsules.

Another great layer of protection is a product called Nozin.  You apply it with a Qtip just inside your nostrils(smells like oranges) and it kills bacteria and viruses that enter.  I love it and feel like its another layer under my mask. Grab it here- Nozin!


Balance Your Body – Stave off COVID-19

If you feel like you’re battling frequent colds, a cough that won’t quit, or just seem to be tired all the time, it may benefit you to find time for a daily walk or simple exercise routine. Doing this a few times per week can have many health benefits and help build your immune system.

Viruses such as COVID-19 take hold in our bodies when our immune systems are at their weakest points. Below are a few ways to help increase your immune function so your body can function as it’s meant to and stay balanced! continue reading »

Foods to Eat to Help Depression

Many have heard the question posed what came first, the chicken or the egg? But how does that concept apply to depression? It’s well-known that when we’re depressed, our motivation and interest in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet subsides in the same way our energy does. Harvard Medical Students positioned that same question in relation to depression; what came first, depression or a poor diet? continue reading »

Food Color and Nutrition

In Chinese medical theory, food is considered medicine. Food has qualities and functions biochemically and energetically that target specific organs. Not only that, but the action a particular food takes to benefit that organ in terms of taste, color and temperature is what is included in Five Element theory. Food has a relationship to both the natural elements as well as the organs in the body and balances the elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood to healthy, generating cycles. continue reading »

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