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*Vitamin D-(liquid form)-This important vitamin is crucial in the Winter. I also use my Happy Light while Im on the treadmill or even reading for about 20 minutes a day. This encourages natural Vitamin D makingJ and definitely improves my mood.

*Zinc– Liquid zinc is important for immunity and for Zapping viruses in the body and throat. I like to put my zinc(2 full droppers) mixed with filtered water into a small spray bottle. So 2 droppers of zinc, some peppermint essential oil(10 drops), the rest water. Keep these bottles around the house, in the car, by the bed.  Spray 2 squirts several times a day and whenever you have a throat tickle.

*Quercitin-takes zinc to cells(think natural Hydroxychloroquine), great for immunity.

*Melatonin– helps with sleep and immunity- 3 to 5 mg before bed. Start low and take 5 if needed.

*Ester C.  – Easily assimilated by the body. Great for Immunity- 2000-3000mg

If you would like to add my favorite anti-viral herb, then take Cats Claw(liquid) or Cats Claw(capsule).  I like to take this before bed, as it goes to the liver to clear out viruses and bacteria. 2 droppers of liquid or 2 capsules.

Another great layer of protection is a product called Nozin.  You apply it with a Qtip just inside your nostrils(smells like oranges) and it kills bacteria and viruses that enter.  I love it and feel like its another layer under my mask. Grab it here- Nozin!


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