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Foundation Renewed & Maintained


Jennifer is helping me to rebuild and maintain my health. I work at a fulfilling but stressful job, and I rely on my acupuncture treatments and wellness tonics to keep me well supported as I address the many demands of my busy days. Jennifer’s treatments are powerful but gentle , and she offers deep, healing wisdom. Beyond addressing acute

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Post Chemo/Radiation

“After completing chemotherapy treatments and radiation treatments that were focused on my neck and mouth, I was left with severe dry mouth which made it difficult to eat or sleep, mouth and throat pain and severe fatigue.  I have been working with Jennifer for about 2 months now and am so pleased with the improvements to my symptoms that I’ve

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Rare Digestive Disorder

I am so thankful to have found Jennifer West. I have incorporated Acupuncture, her knowledge of foods, herbs and essential oils to help improve my quality life living with a Rare Disease. I look forward to my treatments with her. It’s very relaxing and doesn’t hurt. Thanks Jennifer for returning JOY and HOPE back into my life. Wendy E., Boone,... Read more »


I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 8 years, resulting in aches and pains that come and go!! Lyrica  has been the drug of choice to help with this, BUT acupuncture has been the BEST remedy for this condition. Weekly administering of these beloved needles by Jen West , acupuncture extraordinare , has turned the fibromyalgia inflammation and pain to the

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