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I felt my energy was restored

I had the opportunity to receive a few treatments from Jennifer Farrow West, during my visit to Boone. She came highly recommended by lifelong friends – who I trust. I had been feeling bloated for years, after becoming a mom and had issues with digestion and clogged lymph nodes; which resulted in low energy, fatigue, and headaches.

After the first session I noticed a tremendous difference. I felt my energy was restored, a lightness I hadn’t experienced in years, the bloating completely went away, and my digestion improved drastically. Given these results happened after only one session. I saw Jennifer two additional times. The results kept getting better and her guidance on how to maintain the results have been working. I wish we had her here in Los Angeles. Anyone who has the good fortune to be treated by Jennifer should consider themselves very lucky.

Jameela C., Los Angeles, CA

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