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Can Acupuncture help mastitis?

Chinese medicine believes that each major organ has an energy meridian line running up and down the body and then links to the main organ itself. All areas of the body are traversed by a meridian and the breast is no exception. The liver, gall bladder and stomach meridians go through the breast and the liver controls the nipple. Mastitis means that there is inflammation but not necessarily infection.
What can cause mastitis?
Cracked nipples can be a cause along with stress and missed feedings. It can also be due clogged milk ducts and lymph system. However blocked ducts can lead to infection with pathogens like staph or strep.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, toxic heat has entered in through the nipple and then caused blockage in the meridians that traverse through the breast.
Do you put the needles in the breast?
Acupuncture is not actually performed on the breast but on acupuncture points away from the problem on the meridian lines of the Liver, Stomach and Gallbladder which are on the arm or leg.

The different acupuncture points all have special properties and functions. The liver meridian has 14 acupuncture points in total and they can treat many different problems associated with the liver. For example, the first liver point on the toe can treat headache and the second liver point in the web of the toes can treat heat and inflammation in the breast. The third liver point on the foot can treat pain in the breast.
Depending on what part of the breast is affected will determine which meridians and points I will use. I also use moxibustion on the stomach meridian to help boost the immune system. It is a very gentle and relaxing treatment.
In addition, the acupuncture treatment can help the new mom feel more relaxed, rested, and refreshed as she moves into momhood. I recommend three consecutive treatments for a full and timely recovery.
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